Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program (YDP) is designed to serve students who are struggling academically and/or behaviorally. Through mentoring and academic assistance the participants in the program will improve the following; grades, decision-making skills, peer relationships, and overall behavior.


The mentoring component will pair adolescents’ students that are in 8th and 9th   grades with young adult professionals. These professionals will spend time throughout the week providing mentorship to the participants. This program will focus on harnessing fundamental social and life skills that will lead to the overall success of the participants.


The academic support component of the program seeks to improve the students’ grades within the program. The participants meet twice a week with tutors that provide academic assistance.


The Parent Involvement component focuses on building relationships with the parents of the participants in the program. Each participant is assigned a Youth & Family specialist that serves as a liaison between the school and the family. The Youth & Family specialist provides resources to the parents that best suit their adolescents needs based on the parents desires.  Additionally, the Youth & Family Specialist provides bi weekly academic reports that keep the parents informed of their adolescents progress.