Company History


The inception of Guide Right Organization (GRO) came into fruition August 2008, while Aaron Mallory, founder of GRO, was a student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Aaron’s inspiration to start the organization manifested when he observed the educational disparities disadvantaged minority students faced within the college of engineering.


Many of the minority students matriculated into college ill-equipped for the rigorous mathematic courses required to earn an engineering degree. Subsequently, many of these students were placed on academic probation or dropped out, concluding their first semester. After being disturbed by these unfair outcomes, Aaron started the “Success 101 Program” to navigate participants through the demanding engineering coursework. The program facilitated weekly workshops that reinforced essential life skills required for success within the university. Furthermore, the program provided resources and tutors as a means of academic support for participants.


Concluding the first year of the program, disadvantaged students who were actively engaged in the program had exceptionally higher Grade Point Averages (GPAs) than those who were not involved in the program. As a result of the impact Aaron made on students’ academic success, he became more passionate about making a difference on a greater scale. Shortly after graduating, he decided to work with disadvantaged youth within the city of Chicago.


In the fall of 2010, the organization began providing its services in Chicago, specifically within communities such as Roseland, Englewood, Bronzeville, and West Garfield. Since then, Guide Right Organization has evolved into a multifaceted organization that provides programs in parent development, athletics, abstinence, college preparation, entrepreneurship, tutoring, mentoring, economic development, and education.


Two years later, Guide Right Organization became incorporated as a not-for-profit organization and received its 501c(3) tax-exemption under the Internal Revenue Service. Guide Right Organization has provided social service programs to over 1,000 adolescents within the city of Chicago, and strives enhance the lives of disadvantaged youth and their parents.