Guide Right Organization (GRO) provides cutting edge and innovative social service programs that equip disadvantaged youth and their parents with the necessary skills to overcome social, spiritual, economical, emotional, and educational challenges.




At Guide Right Organization, our vision is to be the best social service agency in the world. Our services will improve the lives of our clients and have a positive impact on the communities that we serve. GRO will provide services in every inner city in the United States and abroad.


Guide Right Organization will provide change and inspiration to the clients that we serve.


“We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.”  Philippians 4:13

Our Board of Directors

Chairman: Aaron Mallory, CEO, Guide Right Organization


Vice Chairman: Monique Gower, Infrastructure Engineering Inc.


Treasurer: Jeron Dowell, CPA, US Foods


Secretary: Tatyana Smith, Children’s Family Home & Aid






Kevin Baily, Union Pacific Railroad


Khali Smith, Director of Operations, Lou’s Gourmet


Michael Bempah, Illinois Department of Transportation


Larry Kendoll, Rising Star Inc.


Latroya Clady, Social Worker


Richard Taylor, Motivational Speaker


David Leija, Recruiter, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Jason M. Powell, MBA, M & A Real Estate


Keyonn Pope, Attorney


Justin Johnson, Financial Advisor, New York Life

Executive Team

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  • Aaron Mallory –Chief Executive Officer

    Aaron Mallory serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Guide Right Organization. Aaron earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He is currently pursing a master's degree in Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. He has extensive experience in the social service industry working for the Youth Advocate Program as an Advocate, Pregnancy Aid South Suburbs as a youth facilitator, and Project Wisdom through the University of Illinois at Chicago as an HIV prevention specialist. He is a firm believer in Christ and attends Apostolic Church of God. In Aaron’s spare time, he enjoys working out and participating in recreational activities.

  • Jeron Dowell, MBA, CPA – Chief Financial Officer

    Jeron Dowell serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Guide Right Organization. Jeron earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Southern Illinois University and an MBA from Webster University. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has extensive experience in auditing. He also worked three years for the state of Missouri as an internal auditor and currently audits for US Foods. In Jeron’s spare time, he enjoys playing football and supporting his favorite football team, the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Tatyana L. Smith, MSW, Director of Operations

    Tatyana L. Smith serves as the Director of Operations of Guide Right Organization. Tatyana earned a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Trinity Christian College and an MSW from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Jane Adams. Tatyana Smith began her career working for Guide Right Organization as a youth facilitator. Tatyana is responsible for the operations and program evaluations of the organization. In Tatyana’s spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with loved ones and networking.

  • David Leija – Director of Diversity

    David Leija serves as Director of Diversity at Guide Right Organization. David earned a bachelor's degree in Music Business from Southern Illinois University. David is responsible for diversity development within the organization and establishing partnerships within the communities of Chicago. In David’s spare time, he enjoys performing at live concerts as an electric guitar player.

  • Ytonia Enge -Volunteer & Fundraiser Coordinator

    Ytonia Enge serves as the Volunteer & Fundraiser Coordinator. Ytonia earned a bachelor's degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University. She began working for the organization as a tutor and has since been promoted into a leadership role. She is responsible for recruiting volunteers, fundraising events, and building relationships with businesses within the city. Ytonia has a sincere heart and passion for youth development. In Ytonia’s spare time, she enjoys playing flag football and supporting her favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls.

  • Joy Heard – Marketing Director

    Joy Heard serves as the Marketing Director within the organization. She is currently completing her last semester in Marketing at Columbia College. Joy is responsible for marketing within the organization. In Joy’s spare time, she enjoys spoken word and event planning.

  • Maranielly Vazquez, M.Ed – Youth Specialist

    Maranielly Vazquez serves the Youth Specialist Director. She earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from DePaul University and a master's degree in Youth Development from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Maranielly is responsible for training staff on approaches and strategies that enhance the development of participating adolescents. In Maranielly’s spare time, she enjoys writing poetry.

  • Kenny Dixon – Media Specialist

    Kenny Dixon serves as the Media Specialist. Kenny earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism-News Editorial with a minor in Sociology from Southern Illinois University. He has an extensive background in public relations and newsletter editing for various agencies. He has worked with, Unleashed Magazine, and the Daily Egyptian just to name a few. Kenny is responsible for the design of the monthly newsletter and community relations. In Kenny’s spare time, he enjoys listening to music,  attending spoken word events, and working out.