Welcome to the Guide Right Organization website!

The Guide Right Organization (GRO) has provided cutting edge and innovative social services to disadvantage youth since 2008. Our motto is to guide youth through the present so that they can become successful in the future.


GRO has worked with over 1,000 disadvantaged youth and parents throughout the Chicago land area and has partnered with several agencies within the city.


What separates GRO from other organizations is our staff; our facilitators, tutors, instructors, and mentors are truly unique.  The GRO philosophy is to empower, inspire, and educate young adults to become positive influential advocates within their communities. We recruit recent and enrolled college students pursuing careers in youth development. The team of GRO welcomes individuals who sincerely have a passion and desire to empower youth.


In these dark times, our youth are adversely influenced and affected by violence, disparity, and pain. Despite this fact, the responsibility to change the world for the better lies upon them as the next generation of leaders. GRO will be that beacon of light to guide young adults on the right paths to make the world a better place.